With joyful hearts and deep gratitude we celebrate 12 outstanding individuals who make our community a wonderful place to live. Every day, from December 11th until December 22nd, we will post a video announcing one of the people we selected to receive $1,000 in free car care. We had a lot of fun making these videos, and we hope you enjoy watching them. To find out more about each recipient, please visit our Facebook page.


On the twelfth day of kindness, Chapel Hill Tire honors John Santa, nominated by Dan Jones. A musician and founder of Marathon Jam, John dedicates his life to teaching music and organizing music jams in support of veterans. He personally travels across North Carolina to raise funds for veteran causes and established Marathon Jam to benefit the Fisher Houses at Camp Lejeune and Fort Bragg. John also created a network of musicians entertaining patients in regional VA hospitals. Chapel Hill Tire is inspired by John's dedication and offers him $1,000 in car care services.


On the eleventh day of kindness, Chapel Hill Tire commends Mary Lucas, nominated anonymously. A selfless foster parent for 25 years, Mary has opened her heart and home to many children. Currently raising her granddaughter with autism after her daughter's passing, Mary displays resilience amid health challenges, including overcoming breast cancer. Chapel Hill Tire honors Mary's generosity by gifting her $1,000 in car care, recognizing her remarkable journey.


On the tenth day of kindness, Chapel Hill Tire recognizes Melissa McPherson, nominated by Susie Holmes. An invaluable volunteer for Project Linus, Wake County, Melissa crafts blankets for seriously ill and traumatized children, delivering them to various facilities. Coordinating with different groups, she ensures the delivery of blankets to places like Wake Med and Duke NICU. Melissa's efforts have contributed to over 70,000 blankets delivered. Juggling her responsibilities with a husband, a supportive teenage daughter, and a special needs adult son, Melissa is honored by Chapel Hill Tire with $1,000 in car repair.


On the ninth day of kindness, Chapel Hill Tire acknowledges Shariah Warren, nominated by Benay Hicks. Hailing from a single-mother household in Durham, Shariah exudes positivity and joy despite facing challenges. As a junior at Cary Academy with a merit scholarship, she earned the Triangle Leadership Academy's Mayor's Award for her exceptional community service. Chapel Hill Tire expresses gratitude for Shariah's hardworking example by offering her $1,000 in car care.


On the eighth day of kindness, Chapel Hill Tire honors Rachel Elkins Geer, nominated by Rosemary Campbell. Since the creation of Gigi's Playhouse, a nonprofit supporting individuals with Down syndrome and their families, Rachel has served as the secretary on the Board of Directors since 2015. She actively involves student athletes in volunteering, coordinates Gigi's Playhouse events at UNC, and hosts students away from home during holidays. Rachel also volunteers at McDougle Elementary and leads the Booster Club at Smith Middle School. Chapel Hill Tire expresses appreciation for Rachel's impactful work by offering her $1,000 in car service.


On the seventh day of kindness, Chapel Hill Tire recognizes Spencer Sprague, nominated anonymously. Serving as the Program Director for Unity Boat Club, a nonprofit organization, Spencer focuses on empowering Veteran groups through the therapeutic sport of rowing. As an Army Veteran himself, he passionately shares the benefits of rowing with individuals facing various physical challenges. Spencer advocates for Veterans, collaborating with officials and leaders to support their needs. Chapel Hill Tire expresses gratitude by providing $1,000 in car care for Spencer's Hyundai SUV, enabling him to continue his impactful work.


On the sixth day of kindness, Chapel Hill Tire acknowledges Nicolle Verdin, nominated by Scott Dreyer, Alma Verdin, and Stella Mencias. As a National Guard Veteran working for Volunteers for Youth, Nicolle goes beyond the minimum, enhancing their mentoring program and contributing to Teen Court and Community Service initiatives. She also provides translation assistance when needed. Nicolle dedicates time outside of work hours to support troubled youths, aiming to keep them out of trouble. Chapel Hill Tire expresses appreciation by offering Nicolle $1,000 in car care services as she prepares to return to school in the spring.


On the fifth day of kindness, Chapel Hill Tire recognizes Mary Katherine Keyser, nominated anonymously. With over 25 years of dedication to the Durham Public School system, Mary Katherine is a Behavioral Education Teacher specializing in students with disabilities at the high school level. Working with a predominantly minority student population, she addresses a range of diagnoses including ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, and more. Mary Katherine has crafted her own curriculum to provide the best opportunities for her students after high school. Chapel Hill Tire honors her with $1,000 in car care, appreciating her giant heart.


On the fourth day of kindness, Chapel Hill Tire honors Thagyan Moe, nominated by Flicka Bateman. Originally from Burma, Thagyan grew up in a Thai-Burma border refugee camp and is now a trusted member of the local refugee community. Serving as the Karen/Burmese interpreter for the Refugee Support Center (RSC), Thagyan extends her service beyond work hours, providing generous and graceful interpretation for refugees in various situations. She also personally delivers essential items like food, clothing, and school supplies to refugee homes when they can't reach the RSC. Chapel Hill Tire is inspired by Thagyan's kindness and generosity, and in appreciation, we offer her $1,000 worth of car care.


On the third day of kindness, Chapel Hill Tire acknowledges Reverend Phyllis Cameron Rhone, nominated by Andrea Wiley. As the Pastor of Guilford Community Church in Middlesex, North Carolina, Reverend Rhone, a retired nurse, extends her care beyond the church. She provides transportation, accompanies individuals to medical appointments, and assists in accessing essential services for her community. Reverend Rhone's compassionate nature is evident both personally and professionally, as she has been a devoted caretaker within her own family. Chapel Hill Tire celebrates her selflessness by providing $1,000 worth of car care.


On the second day of kindness, Chapel Hill Tire honors Anissa McLendon, a dedicated teaching assistant with over 22 years of experience in the Chapel Hill Carrboro City School System, nominated by Mae B. McLendon. Anissa's impactful contributions include initiating the E3 Camp, a free camp promoting empowerment through exploration, where she actively fundraises and coordinates activities. Beyond her educational role, she organizes community events like the St. Paul Village Community Walk and 5K Run, actively participates in the Chapel Hill Carrboro CROP Hunger Walk, and serves as Co-chair of the Education Committee for the Chapel Hill Carrboro NAACP. Anissa also engages in various acts of kindness, from assisting with food drives at her church to supporting grieving neighbors during challenging times. Chapel Hill Tire recognizes Anissa's compassion and community engagement by providing her with $1,000 of car care. Anissa's strength and commitment to service inspire others.


Chapel Hill Tire celebrates the first day of kindness by recognizing Branson and Joanie Brown, nominated for their impactful contributions. Branson, a founding faculty member, not only pioneered a sports program but also instilled valuable life lessons at NC School of Science & Math. Joanie, alongside her work with a refugee family and volunteering at the church, serves as Branson's primary caregiver after his Parkinson's diagnosis. The couple's kindness is highlighted through various acts, from gifting a car to a single mom to participating in the church's "adopt a college student" program. In appreciation, Chapel Hill Tire honors Branson and Joanie with $1,000 in car repair, thanking them for their outstanding service to the community.

Happy Holidays!

Thank You!

To our friends who took the time to nominate their heroes and loved ones, we wish you the very best of the season, and the happiest New Year!

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Advance Auto Parts for their invaluable support in the 12 Days of Kindness Promotion. Their partnership has been instrumental in amplifying our efforts to give back to our community this holiday season.